The terms and conditions

The terms and conditions stated in this document contain important information regarding the shipping and handling of your pet/s* by Pet Travel Services (PTS) part of PetTour. You must fill in the terms and conditions form and return the signed copy to PTS prior to the shipment of your animal/s.

At PTS we strive to provide our customers* with the most accurate and up to date quote estimates and information. However due to numerous variables out side of our control the quoted price and shipping dates and times may change without prior notice.

Variables that can contribute to the increase in the quoted price and delays of shipment are but not limited to;
• Wrong information provided by the customer* regarding the size, weight, height and age of the pet/s.
• Wrong information provided by the customer in regards to the size and dimensions of the travel container/s in which the pet/s are traveling.
• Incomplete or incorrect vaccination, treatment or quarantine documentation provided by the customers. [It is illegal to
provide false or misleading documentation for quarantine purposes]
• Change in airline freight and other charges.
• Change in Government fees, taxes and charges.
• Change in Quarantine policies, procedures, fees and charges either in China or overseas.
• Weather restrictions in the country of destination, flight delays, cancellations, changes in scheduled flights by the airlines, due to a natural disaster or any other unforeseeable event/s. Extended or additional stop over and boarding due to such
• Airline or government imposed restrictions or embargos in either the country of origin (China) or destination (Any overseas destination)
• PTS cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made by the airlines, quarantine and customs either at port of origin or at the port of destination.
• PTS cannot be held responsible for incorrect routing by airlines, change of aircraft type or available capacity by airlines,
loss of documentation by airlines or delays and cancelation of flights.

PTS cannot be held responsible for any of the above mentioned scenarios or similar and have the right to pass on any additional charges to the customer.

At PTS it is our policy to provide the most comfortable and safe environment for your pet/s however we take no responsibility for the loss, illness, injury or death of any pet/s in our care due to any reason natural or accidental. The same applies to all our staff and any person or entity acting on our behalf.

PTS have the express authority of the customer to provide veterinary treatment where necessary to any pet/s under our care. All veterinary charges will be payable by the customer before discharge or departure of the pet/s.

All our quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of issue unless affected by any of the variables discussed above. The quotes only cover the items listed within the quote. Any additional fees and charges, such as custom clearances, import permits, taxes etc. at the port of destination are customer's responsibility, unless otherwise stated in the quote.

It is the customer's responsibility to provide all necessary vaccination certificate/s for their pet/s.
As the owner of the pet/s it is your responsibility to disclose in advance any known disabilities or illness your pet/s may have.

PTS have the right to refuse any consignment due to the animal/s being sick, feral, aggressive or illegal. Any costs arising from any harm, damage or injury caused by aggressive animal/s will be payable by the customer.

Once the booking is completed and processed by PTS minimum $1000 cancellation fee will apply. If the cancellation occurs within
72 hours of departure additional charges may apply. If you are unsure please confirm with PTS in advance

All payments are to be made in full upon booking of the shipment of your pet/s. Payments can be made via the methods listed in the quote or the invoice. We urge you to keep your final paid invoice/s for tax purposes.

As a PTS customer you understand that it is illegal to consign unauthorized explosives, unauthorized explosive devices and that all air cargo is subject to security checks and clearing procedures.

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